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English - locations de bateaux sans permis sur le canal du midi

English - locations de bateaux sans permis sur le canal du midi

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Join us for a cruise as a family party or with friends!

Anybody can drive the boats — no driving license is required!

Our boats are electric boats which do not pollute and are silent. They have an electric autonomy of 8 hours. They are easy to use and can fit 5 or 7 persons.

* If you take a right, you can go as far as “L’OUVRAGE DU LIBRON” — The Structure of the Libron — a 2-hour ride return.
* The structure was renovated in 1858 and is an exceptional wonder that enables to divide the Canal du Midi into two parts: so when there is a rise in the water level, the barges can go through.
* You can as well go toL’ECLUSE DU BASSIN ROND DE AGDE— The Lock of the Round Pond — which was built in 1680. It is the only round-shaped lock in the Canal du Midi and in the world! It’s a 4-hour ride return.
* If you take a left, you will encounter the LOCKS OF PORTIRAGNES, which cannot be crossed with our electric boats. It might be interesting to have a look at them, it’s up to you… This will be a 1-hour ride return.
* You can also rent the boats for as long as you wish, at extra cost, if you want to have a picnic for example.

You will pay after returning the boat, depending on the time of your ride. Check the price-list.

If you are interested, you must leave your driving license or any identity, and read the rules.


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